Private Personal Development Retreat

If you’re like me, sometimes you feel pulled to go deep inside to explore the inner reaches of your psyche, but you resist doing it by yourself. You need structure and guidance from a qualified expert. Schedule a private personal development retreat just for yourself, tailored to your exact needs … the deep dive necessary to catapult you on your human potential journey. Choose one or two days.

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Banana Nut Bread. Healing the Mother-Daughter Relationship

Banana-Walnut-BreadWho would think that banana nut bread could be a catalyst for healing a mother-daughter relationship?

For the past six years my mother has kept a tradition of baking banana nut bread which she includes in a gift bag for each of her children’s families for Christmas. We rant and rave over it, and fight over who gets to cut the first slice and eat it on Christmas day when we all gather at Mom’s. Read more