CD & MP3: “A Journey into Wholeness. A Guided Meditation”

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New York Times best selling author of Megatrends, Patricia Aburdene, endorsement.
“The failure of self-mastery is often the downfall of leadership. This guided meditation helps you cultivate clear thinking and manage your emotions to prevent costly mistakes while increasing your health.” – Patricia Aburdene

An ideal life shines from a foundation of inner peace and the ability to access wisdom.  This CD and MP3 are tools to help you transform self-defeating mind chatter so you can think clearly, decrease stress, access divine wisdom, and step into your full potential. Experience breakthroughs in your career, relationships and health.

Listen to an audio sample: CLICK HERE. Turn up your speakers.

When your health, relationships, and emotional resiliency become compromised, your success takes a nosedive, too.

Successful people continually strive for personal mastery. However, during stressful times, even the most productive people experience limiting thoughts and reactive emotions that cloud their ability to make wise decisions.

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As soothing music plays in the background, you’ll imagine peaceful scenes that dissolve stress, just like the morning sun evaporates mist over a lake. With every slow gentle note, you will soften into the security of spiritual intimacy, feeling enfolded in God’s love. Wisdom will wash over you, arising from the deep reservoir inside of you where you connect with The Divine. Strengthening your relationship with your Authentic Self and God, you’ll experience renewed energy and the ability to move into action while resting in inner peace.

When you enter the state of “flow,” intuition brings insight like Thomas Edison and Einstein experienced. De-stress with deep breathing processes as you imagine your favorite place in Nature. Listen to the soothing words and music while pictures play across your mind to bring you answers to your most important life questions. Accelerate your ability to heal emotionally and physically.

 “A Journey into Wholeness” Tracks. (CLICK HERE to listen to audio sample)  

Track 1: Introduction (4:15)

Track 2: Breathing and Relaxation (12:21)

Track 3: Asking for Assistance (2:41)

Track 4: Meeting Your Wise Guide (3:29)
Track 5: Receiving Guidance (22:00)
Track 6: Affirmations (16:16)
Total time: 62 minutes

Instructions: Use this CD / MP3 as often as you wish, daily or weekly. Listen to all the tracks or choose specific tracks. The more you listen, the deeper your experience will be.

If you want a short stress reduction exercise, listen to Track 2. I recommend this as a daily 12-minute practice.

If you want a quick pick-me-up to boost self-esteem and manage emotions, listen to the affirmations on track 6. Listen in the morning while you are getting ready for work, at night before you go to bed for restful sleep, or while you are cooking. Repetition is the key to reprogramming your limiting thinking.

Listen to the “Receiving Guidance” tracks 3-5 when you want a deep meditation to access wisdom for your most important questions. Experience emotional and spiritual healing.

Note: Do NOT listen to this guided meditation in a moving vehicle. You could get so relaxed that you cannot pay attention. I want you to be safe.

Music Composer and Musician: Many thanks to Steven Mark Kohn for licensing his music to me. Steve Kohn is the Director of the Electronic Music Studio, and a member of the Composition Faculty at The Cleveland Institute of Music.

TestimonialsForest Path2 (2) for “A Journey into Wholeness”

In 2010 I took a Mindfulness & Meditation course for college credit at my university. Throughout this life-changing course, our professor asked us to listen to a plethora of guided mindfulness & meditation CDs. I continued my research, listening to a ton of guided meditations on YouTube, trying to find the one most suited to me. Hands down, Benita Esposito’s  “A Journey into Wholeness” is the best mindfulness meditation CD I have ever heard! – A.W., Entrepreneur

“A Journey into Wholeness” is truly extraordinary. It allows me to quickly enter a meditative state, one of absolute relaxation and tranquility.  I use it to escape from the hectic rat race of daily living. Benita leads me through a calming and insightful journey that leaves me rejuvenated and happy!  I wholeheartedly recommend Benita’s CD/MP3 for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding life.”   – J.T., V.P, Engineering Co.

My favorite and most effective tool is Benita’s meditation, “A Journey Into Wholeness.”  I fell in love with it the first time I listened to it. I felt free, balanced and centered, relaxed, focused and whole. If nothing else, get the “Journey into Wholeness.” – S.B., IT Information Architect

The music is soothing, and I really like the affirmations,especially when you say ‘it is important to be emotionally intimate with yourself. It is the first step to being emotionally intimate with others.’ You talk about self-love. You talk about taking care of your body. My favorite part, though, is where you say, ‘I will put down my work before it makes me stressed.’ That’s something I can use every day.  There are so many things you said that I really believe, like ‘I deserve a happy life.’ I just love them all really.  ~ A. G., Attorney, Atlanta, GA

Benita’s beautiful voice gently guides me into a deeper level of soul awareness. Thank you for creating this powerful tool.  – Lisa Michaels. Facilitator, Author and Founding Director of Natural Rhythms™ Institute.

Your voice is so soothing and comforting—it was just what I needed tonight. I love connecting with the Divine and resting there. I am still floating. The meditation has an amazing clearing effect in the emotional realms. You have done a masterful job.  My sister asked me for a good meditation tool recently after her husband of 32 years passed on. I was at a loss for a satisfactory way to introduce her to meditation, but now I can give her this CD/MP3.  – M.S., Farmer

A Journey into Wholeness CD helps me stay calm and peaceful when I’m confronted with stressful challenges. I don’t fall as deeply into sadness as I used to, and I get back up much faster. It helps me to see past wounds and experience them again, but with different endings that help me heal. I stay focused on my soul, my Authentic Self. I’m constantly catching myself and looking at situations with different eyes, and I like myself better as a result. – J.D. Licensed Real Estate Broker

I was listening to the Affirmations track on “Journey Into Wholeness.”  Today, I heard everything differently for some reason.  I wasn’t necessarily thinking about any one affirmation in particular or about anything else for that matter.  The tears just flowed.  Soon after that, as I sat in my car, I realized that I don’t need to try to force myself to figure out “who I am.”  It has taken time for the layers of false identity to fall away. In God’s timing, I will become more clear about how to answer the question “Who am I?”  I’m becoming more comfortable with where I am, and trust even more fully that I’m where I am supposed to be in my process. – L.S., Communications Consultant



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Happy Journeying!

Benita A. Esposito, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor. Creator, Producer, Narrator

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