“A Journey Into Wholeness” CD. A Guided Meditation CD.


“I took a Mindfulness & Meditation course for college credit that my university offered. AKD0563 insert mcwP001.art This course and everything I learned was life-changing.  I have listened to a ton of guided meditation CDs, trying to find the one most suited to me. I have also listened to and watched a ton of guided meditations on YouTube. Hands down, Benita Esposito’s  “A Journey into Wholeness” is the best mindfulness and meditation CD I have ever heard!” – A.W., Entrepreneur

“A Journey into Wholeness CD is truly extraordinary. It allows me to quickly enter a meditative state, one of absolute relaxation and tranquility.  I use it to escape from the hectic rat race of daily living.  Benita leads you through a calming and insightful journey that leaves you rejuvenated and happy!  I wholeheartedly recommend Benita’s CD for anyone seeking a more fulfilling and rewarding life.”   – J. T., V.P, Engineering Co.

“My favorite and most effective tool is Benita’s meditation CD, ‘A Journey Into Wholeness.’  I fell in love with how I felt the first time I listened to it. I felt free, balanced and centered, relaxed, focused and whole. If nothing else, get the “Journey into Wholeness” CD. – S.B., IT Information Architect

“The music is soothing, and I really like the affirmations especially when you say ‘it’s important to be emotionally intimate with yourself. It’s is the first step to being emotionally intimate with others on a deeper level.’ You talk about self-love. You talk about taking care of your body. My favorite part, though, is where you say, ‘I will put down my work before it makes me stressed.’  That’s something I can use every day.  There are so many things you said that I really believe, like ‘I deserve a happy life.’ I just love them all really.”  ~ A. G., Attorney, Atlanta, GA

“Benita’s beautiful voice gently guides me into a deeper level of soul awareness. Thank you for creating this powerful tool.”  – Lisa Michaels. Facilitator, Author and Founding Director of Natural Rhythms™ Institute.  http://www.naturalrhythms.org

“Your voice is so soothing and comforting—it was just what I needed tonight. I love connecting with the Divine and resting there. I am still floating. The Journey into Wholeness CD has an amazing clearing effect in the emotional realms. You have done a masterful job.  My sister asked me for a good meditation tool recently after her husband of 32 years passed on. I was at a loss for a satisfactory way to introduce her to meditation, but now I can give her this CD.”  – M.S., Farmer

The “Journey into Wholeness” CD helps me stay calm and peaceful when I’m confronted with stressful challenges. I don’t fall as deeply into sadness as I used to, and I get back up much faster. It helps me to see past wounds and experience them again, but with different endings that help me heal. I stay focused on my soul, my Authentic Self. I’m constantly catching myself and looking at situations with different eyes, and I like myself better as a result.” – J.D. Licensed Real Estate Broker

I was listening to the affirmations tracks on your “Journey Into Wholeness” CD and Belleruth Naperstak’s “Healing Trauma” CD. I heard everything differently for some reason.  I wasn’t necessarily thinking about any one affirmation in particular or about anything else, for that matter.  The tears just flowed.  Soon after that, as I sat in my car, I realized that I don’t need to try to force myself to figure out “who I am.”  It has taken time for the layers of false identity to fall away. In God’s timing, I will become more clear about how to answer the question “Who am I?”  I’m becoming more comfortable with where I am, and trust even more fully that I’m where I am supposed to be in my process. – L.S., Communications Consultant