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Conscious Creating Retreat

New Year’s Day 2023

Early Bird date: December 15, 2022


Sometimes we are so consumed with our everyday activities that we do not stop to reflect at a deep level. As a result, we don’t experience the greatest amount of fulfillment possible for us.

I truly enjoy guiding people on our New Year’s Retreat to upgrade their ability to dream big and to create actionable steps. We come together to ride the wave of group consciousness so it’s easier for all of us to expand our abilities to achieve our goals. We tune into God and listen to the highest callings for our lives.

We take the time to ask important questions so that we can create a life full of rich texture. We meditate and contemplate. There’s no rush.We acknowledge what is working well in our lives and we celebrate that.

We take a deeper look and ask, “If I were living the most fulfilling life … being true to my Authentic Self … what would that look like?”

How do I stop myself?

What support do I need?  From whom?

This is where I come in:

I will help you identify your limiting thoughts. Believe me, those pesky thoughts sneak up on my clients without them even knowing it. That’s why it helps to have an astute guide walking by your side.

Problem-solving is a REACTIVE model. It brings limited results because you are trying to get away from what you don’t want. When the going gets tough, you won’t have enough energy to propel you in the direction of effective action. You’ll get lost in the weeds. I’ll teach you a PROACTIVE model rooted in your most precious values. You’ll experience passion to think outside the box, find solutions, and take risks to create your fondest dreams.

I will help you pinpoint the behaviors that thwart you and learn how to proceed in the direction of the path of least resistance.

I will help you eliminate conditioned patterns that you have been living your entire life so you can be set free!

That’s what I want for you – the freedom to be YOU – living your Authentic Life – in alignment with your Spirit-led-self and God.

We’ve got some healing and excavating to do.

Come and clean out the “closets in your mind.”  Make way for the new. Create a vacuum. Create a space. And invite in the new freshly designed life that God has waiting just for YOU!


Schedule: One day, January 1, 2023. 10am – 5pm Eastern.

Where: Zoom

Tuition: $225

Early bird: $195. Save $30 when you register by December 15, 2022.

To apply: Please return the questionnaire on the contact page. I’ll respond to you within 48 hours Monday-Friday.

Facilitator: Benita A. Esposito, MA, LPC, LCMHC

Suggested reading:

To get the most out of this retreat, read The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. It’s OK to buy the inexpensive version.