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Why Breathwork Creates Rapid Changes

Next Breathwork Retreat: One Saturday, July 13, 2019 Visit the Events Page for all the retreat updates. While weekly therapy sessions help sustain steady growth, sometimes this may be too slow for you. If you are eager to make faster progress, I’d like to tell you about a technique that creates breakthroughs better than any […]


Breathwork Workshop

1 day Saturday, March 10, 2018 9:30am-5:30pm Young Harris, Georgia In the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains Early Bird: February 3. Save $29.00   While weekly therapy sessions help sustain steady growth, sometimes you want to take giant leaps forward. I’d like to tell you about Breathwork, a mind-body-spirit technique that creates breakthroughs better than any […]


Breathwork Q&A

Can you relate to any of these situations? 1. You find yourself getting emotionally triggered, and you wish that didn’t happen. 2. Your relationships are damaged. You and your partner don’t know how to resolve conflicts so you don’t feel deeply loved and respected. 3. When you get emotionally triggered, you don’t deal with it […]


Breathwork Testimonial List

Breathwork Testimonial List The following testimonials will give you an idea of what is possible for you in Breathwork sessions. This spiritual healing technique is used to access the root cause of emotional-mental-physical-spiritual conditions. He’s a life-long asthma sufferer. “Thank you for the Breathwork session you led me through the other day. It was amazing! […]


Breathwork~Eating Disorder Story

Breathwork Story: How Elaine’s Eating Disorder Was Healed I’m posting Elaine’s evaluation from our weekend retreat, “Your Authentic Life”, in April 2013 where we did two Breathwork sessions. When Elaine did her inner child healing, it yielded a surprising unexpected result. Her 20-year eating disorder was healed. She gave me permission to publish her evaluation […]


Breathwork Healing Stories~Laura

1) Story Setting: Breathwork Retreat 2002.  Laura’s Chronic Shoulder Pain. Laura didn’t think the pain in her right shoulder would ever go away since the injury in 1994, so she didn’t even try to heal it. That was not the intended focus of this breathwork session. During the breathwork session, Laura’s body spontaneously twitched when […]


Breathwork Description

Are you looking for a major boost to propel you into your full potential? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’ll want to explore Breathwork. Do you want to … 1. Heal emotions from grief, trauma, neglect or other family of origin issues? 2. Transform unproductive patterns in your relationships, especially emotional reactivity? […]


Retreat Breathwork – 2 Client Stories

(1) Breathwork Story: Breathing into Joy. I arrived at Benita’s Beach Retreat at the Florida Gulf Coast filled with unknowing.  Trepidation, nervousness, worry, hope and fear flowed through me as I anticipated the days ahead. “This will be profound,” Benita said, “Life changing.” I kept telling myself “No matter what, this will be an adventure. […]


Deep Emotional Healing Retreat Fall 2019

Excavate & Express Your Authentic Self. October 5-6, 2019 A semi-private intensive retreat. Maximum of 6 participants. Young Harris, Georgia USA Unresolved emotional wounds decrease our ability to create fulfilling relationships and a meaningful career. They contribute to stress, dis-ease, anxiety and depression. But the good news is, you can heal. Who Should Attend? Adults. […]